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Outdoor Elements

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A common theme we’ve noticed that is trending amongst our residential clients nowadays is the fact that a home’s backyard has evolved into much more than a simple plot of land with a fence that separates your property from your neighbor’s, with maybe a smattering of decor & complementary landscaping. Currently, however, a home’s backyard has drastically grown to support and offer much, much more. For instance, when one of our local clients here in the Greater Phoenix, Arizona area is looking revamp their home’s backyard, they often begin with one of the many outdoor features or elements, such as an outdoor kitchen or fire pit that our experts here at Pinnacle Pools are well-versed and highly-skilled at designing, constructing, and/or installing.

Outdoor Elements

BBQ Islands

Adding a level of elegance and class that is rivaled by few other outdoor features, a backyard BBQ Island is a sure-fire way to ensure the next gathering at your home is both memorable AND accommodating to your friends, family, and any guests in between!

Outdoor Kitchens

Similar to the BBQ Islands that our in-house teams are famous for customizing, the Outdoor Kitchens we have developed over the years are both one-of-a-kind and uniquely catered to each client while also being surprisingly affordable.

Fire Pits

With the mild winters we are typically favored with here in the great state of Arizona, fire pits, serve as a tremendous boost in a home’s aesthetics and “welcoming feel” as much as they serve as an instrument for heating and warmth purposes.

Fire Places

Similar to our fire pits, our custom fireplaces are a sure-fire way to not only increase the overall visual and inviting appeal of a home’s presence, but it’s also a great way for homeowners here in Arizona to enjoy a bit of added warmth on those rare, chilly nights.