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Artificial Turf

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Excellent Grass Alternative

Accounting for average savings to your outdoor water consumption of up to 75%, synthetic turf or lawns also have the added bonus of being tremendously easy to maintain. For example, the average homeowner with an organic lawn collectively spends several days (or pays out of pocket the equivalent of) weeding, pruning, trimming, mowing, and maintaining their turf each year, whilst an Artificial turf owner’s time and/or financial commitments are reduced substantially. (This does not even factor in the added time and financial burdens that new seed, fertilizer, mulch, or composting impose upon a homeowner.) Furthermore, with the visual appeal (colors, texture, patterns) being scientifically rendered, it’s a certainty that your lawn will not fall prey to disarray, fading, or discoloration at the rapid rate that organic grass is notorious for following.

  • Simplistic Upkeep - Easy to install, easier to maintain!
  • Eco-Conscious - Reduces water waste exponentially!
  • Pet-Friendly - Waste removal is a breeze!
  • Heat & U.V. Resistant - Protected where it matters most!
Artificial Turf

Putting Greens

As a majority of our local clients and neighbors alike here in Arizona will attest to, golfing is as much as lifestyle as it is a passion or hobby for many, regardless of prowess or ability. Furthermore, with the rise in popularity for golfing each year in Arizona, the cost to hone your putting skills and tighten up the “short-game” is also on the rise as well.

For the convenience of our local communities and homeowners here in Maricopa County, Arizona, we are proud to offer custom putting green designs, replacements, and installations. Using only high-quality, synthetic turf and custom designs that are specifically catered to your property’s unique layout, you can rest assured that your new putting green will not only the envy of all your golfing companions but it will also help you secretly gain that competitive edge. Please call for additional details or to schedule an on-site assessment for your putting green.

Artificial Turf